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Project management of primary market research

Includes designing a brief for market research agencies utilising all secondary data available, evaluating proposals, selecting an agency, project management of the agency (including development of questionnaires, ensuring appropriate recruitment, fieldwork quality control, analysis control, editing of final reports), and development of appropriate conclusions and recommendations.

Experience includes:

  • Exploratory qualitative research to identify customers, current treatment practices and influences, unmet needs, possible future trends.
  • Quantitative research to determine specific issues. These will often employ either specific methodological (eg. diary study) or appropriate analytical techniques (eg. trade off analysis).

Recent projects have included:

  • A values based physician and payer segmentation across the US, Canada, France, Spain, UK, Holland, Mexico and South Korea, leading to a deeper understanding of customers and the ability to tailor communications and services to resonate with any one individual.
  • A concordance project across the US, Canada and France in asthma, dyslipidaemia and hypertension, leading to the development of services designed to improve patient adherence following a more effective consultation with a physician.
  • An oncology semiotics project in the US, China and Japan (across all major solid tumours), leading to the development of communication guidelines that help to de-stigmatize cancer and offer patients the hope they need to be able to live life as normally as possible on an everyday basis.
  • A series of patient journey projects for ovarian cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, prostate cancer and metabolic syndrome, leading to the identification of tipping points along the disease journey where patients might need additional support from healthcare professionals.
  • An in depth qualitative piece of work to understand the evolving role of personalised medicine and targeted therapies, leading to the development of an improved global personalised medicine strategy for the company.

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